Why You Should Start Selling with Belief

How to Close More Sales by Engaging Your Prospect and Communicating Your Vision

How often are you closing significant sales? When you close a big deal, does it feel expected, like part of the process? Or does it feel more like you got lucky? If you are having trouble closing consistently, it may come down to how well you are communicating your vision.

Here’s a little story about one of the best salesman of our time. Joe Andes made a fortune by selling potato peelers on Park Avenue in New York City. Joe didn’t utilize a website or a marketing department. Instead, he only sold one product that he believed in wholeheartedly. Every day for sixty years, you could find Joe sitting on the sidewalk, communicating his vision to passersby, and collecting money. Joe sold his potato peelers for $5 a pop, and he made a fortune doing so. Joe made enough to live on Park Avenue and put his grandchildren through the best universities. Joe loved his product, and more importantly, he loved his craft, and that showed! Not just anyone can sell potato peelers on the sidewalk, it takes an individual who is one hundred percent dedicated to the process, and cherishes the connection.

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Start Selling With Belief

Your sales team’s belief is more important than sales tactics. This is why we focus on belief. Selling with a belief is all about inspiration. It’s about unifying your team to communicate your vision to your customer. We teach the science of emotional transfer. The Science of Emotional transfer is a system created so that you can better connect with your customers, and more importantly, to listen to their emotional state, and re-direct positive emotional responses. People trust products made by people that they trust. During this course, we will highlight 5 key drivers of building trust, and how qualifying should be a process of letting your customer know that you’re listening to them. From this module, your team will believe in your company, and their focus will be on building trust with your customers.

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The Sales Builder System: Selling with Belief

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