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Leverage the power of your own Data Scientist, Sales Process Expert, Research Team, and Innovation Specialists
focused on growing sales in a changing world.

Data Driven Strategy - Metric Driven Management

Everything can be measured. Every team can improve. We find the gaps in your strategy, helping you grow your team.
We optimize their very best practices and scale them to your team.

How do Economies of Scale Drive my decision to use a consultant?





The Sales Builder System™

A proven system for growing your company’s sales. Help your team become more efficient, impactful and effective.


Great companies need to keep their sales team engaged with fresh content delivered to provide a great experience. We strive to provide innovative, new, and fun courses to enhance existing staff and onboard new staff.


Enhance your great company’s revenue growth through the power of an Expert Data Scientist. We turn your data into Sales-Strategy-Driving Metrics, and drive Sales Process Optimization for awesome company growth.

We Transform Ordinary Sales Teams into Well-Oiled Revenue Growing Machines

Leverage the power of your own Data Scientist, a bank of Chief Revenue Officers leading multiple sales teams across a variety of industries and a research team focused on growing sales in a changing world.


It's the Millennial Era. You don't MAKE anyone do anything. You inspire and compel them. From "Belief-Driven" messaging with alignment to a cause to outrage addiction which shuns outsiders, our world is more conflicted then ever. That's right... We're all adapting to change. So should your Sales & Management Approach.

Why Dolphin?

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In todays fast paced world

Nothing stays the same for very long. This leaves you with two opposing ideas. On one hand it’s important to remain true to the things that made you successful in the past, but on the other hand, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology, marketing, and sales techniques. We believe the balance between the two is the sweet spot. How do you stay true, while adapting at the same time?

“Well it’s simple, I believe in empowering people, that’s why I do what I do…” –Greg Davis


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The Brains

Greg Davis
Greg Davis
Founder / CEO
An Engineer, Entrepeneur, Economist and Data Scientist, Greg is best known for revolutionizing the construction industry with software that automated BIM manufacturing processes, saving the industry countless hours of labor, and for growing top sales organizations on six continents. A five-time Inc. 5000 member and best-selling author, Greg also hosts the Challenge Assumptions Podcast.
Gene Naftulyev
Gene Naftulyev
Operational Consultant
Working as a consultant with clients like Target, American Express, Kraft foods, and P&G over the last 20 years has allowed Gene to bring you the lessons learned from the Fortune 500 (or even 50) to your startup or growing company struggling to achieve profitability. With 20 plus years experience in IT, Software and Operations, Gene has helped clients uncover profits across multiple industries, company sizes and states. Gene’s passion is helping small and mid-sized businesses improve profit.