How to Sell Anything to Anyone

How to Sell Anything to Anyone

Whether you are a full-time sales pro or just thinking about getting into the industry, you are in the right place. If you are interested in boosting sales, or beginning a career in sales, continue reading, because this was meant to be.

We all know Robert Herjavec from the hit TV series Shark Tank. He published an incredible article explaining how anyone can make the leap to sales professional. He explains that it’s a mindset that can be mastered by following a few simple steps. Robert explains that we are all salespeople, even if you do not consider yourself one. Whether you are trying to convince someone to hire you, or convince your children to eat their vegetables, you’re selling! Robert’s book “You Don’t Have to be a Shark,” dives deeper into the fact that all humans are salespeople in one form or another. Why not profit of a skill which you are already taking advantage of in other areas of your life. Whether you are a sales professional, or a salesperson, this article is for you.

Five tips from “You Don’t Have to be a Shark”

  1. Before everything else, you are selling yourself. Think of yourself as your own personal brand and present yourself well.
  2. Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen to what they are saying, take a breath, and respond. Remain calm and do not speak over them. It is hard not to become excited and go on and on about your product, but prospects don’t care. No one likes being interrupted and everyone enjoys being heard. Focus on their needs and give them what they want. Period.
  3. Know who you are selling to. Would you spend a lot of time trying to sell a brand new Ferrari to someone at a used car auction, or vice versa? No, it doesn’t make sense. You need to have a deep understanding of your client’s needs so that as a salesperson, you can fulfill those needs. Keep it relevant and realistic.
  4. Understand the motivators. What value does your product provide? What can it do for them? Rather than focusing on how amazing you think the product is, focus on the value it can add to your prospects life. What are the driving forces in their decision making process? Why are they their in the first place?
  5. Keep it simple. Don’t try and fluff it up with overcomplicated terms. Who are you selling to? How do they communicate? Keep it simple and under thirty seconds.

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