How to Fortify Your SEO and Marketing Strategy

Enhance Your Marketing Strategy


SEO is a fundamental building block for a marketing strategy in 2017. But, do you have a firm understanding of how Google’s Hummingbird algorithm functions? Me neither. Fortunately, a lot of nice people have conducted tests, and while we may not know how exactly the hummingbird decides which content to hover over, we are gaining a better understanding as to why. 

Googles algorithm now pays attention to every word in a search, ensuring that the entire sentence or conversation is taken into account. This means that whatever you type in to the search bar, Google will do its best to interpret every word and meaning within your query, so that it can find content most relevant to your search. You’re probably thinking, “I know this. How does this relate to my marketing strategy?” Well, in today’s marketplace, content marketing is king, but pinpointing an audience on a never ending landscape can be rigorous. Most of us have an endless source of content at our fingertips, so we are extra picky about what we consume. When planning your content-focused marketing strategy, you would examine your intended audience, and tailor your content to them. But, have you ever considered doing the exact same thing when it comes to the topics of the content you’re publishing? This brings us to Topic Modeling.

Topic modeling is simply creating content focused on keywords and other topics that your audience may be searching for on the internet. For example, if I was trying to attract an audience of marketers, I would probably include “marketing strategy” my title. Considering Google is simply trying to find the most relevant content based on a search, being ultra specific in your writing will only benefit you further. If you ask a question, Google will do it’s best to find the most thoughtful, and engaging answer to provide you with. So consider all of the questions that your potential audience may be searching for on Google, and create content in anticipation.

Before you begin publishing content at all, I strongly suggest establishing Google Analytics for your website. This should be the first step in any successful marketing strategy. Before you begin the painful process of creating endless streams of content, at the least, wouldn’t you want to know who is visiting your site, why, or how they got there? You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you are, and Google Analytics is free. Would you pass up free gas on a road trip?