Sales Secrets of High Growth-Companies

The authors of Sales Growth recently published an article explaining the actions that distinguishes sales organizations at high-growth companies.


Can your sales team really be all that different from the next? Definitely. What differentiates high-growth companies from low-growth companies? Usually, it’s a sales team leveraging an innovative process. Now that we’ve got that cleared up, let’s move on.

The five secrets of Sales Teams in High-Growth Companies (as listed in the article):

  1. Commitment to the Future: Sales managers need to anticipate changes and prepare their team. The digital world is constantly changing and it is crucial to stay ahead of the curve. “Trend Analysis is a Formal Part of the Sales Process.”
  2. Focus on Key Aspects of Digital: This is an investment and it becomes more important every single day. “Fast Growers Make Digital an Advantage.”
  3. Harnessing the Full Range of Sales Analytics: There is software available that helps you identify threats and opportunities. Why would you not take full advantage of that?
  4. Invest in People: There is always room for improvement. This is where sales-force training comes in. Invest in your team, empower them, and they will be unstoppable. “As few as 18 percent of fast growers think they excel at pipeline management, and even in the most successful area—understanding specific customer needs—only 29 percent claimed to be outstanding.”
  5. Marriage of Clear Vision with Leadership Action: Your vision needs to be the driving force behind your management team’s actions. A clear consistent vision and well communicated strategy are the secret ingredient for high-growth companies.

Read the full article here:

The sales secrets of high-growth companies

The authors of Sales Growth reveal five actions that distinguish sales organizations at fast-growing companies. What distinguishes sales organizations at fast-growing companies from their lagging peers?

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