After Optimizing SEO, this Food Discovery Platform Started Receiving 20 Million Visitors a Month

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This is a great article by First Round Review about how an online food discovery platform leveraged SEO to get to the top of the charts. Yummly is a really cool platform that provides users with recipes based on foods that they like. They also have an impeccable SEO strategy.

Rather than creating millions of pages to temporarily increase web traffic, they stress the importance of scoping trends, researching keywords, and providing engaging content and a delightful user experience to increase traffic long term. Google’s new algorithm now favors this type of content over useless pages.

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The SEO Tips That Helped Tally 20 Million Visits A Month

Three quarters after Yummly launched, its Chief Growth Officer Ethan Smith watched the food discovery platform log its 10 millionth visit in a month. However, like most enduring recipes, it didn’t become a crowd favorite by tossing together ingredients in a fit of inspiration.