Uncover the Profits You've been Missing

Uncovering Profits - 1 Million Dollars at a Time

Chances are... We've seen it before. Yes, we've improved profits in the Millions in mid-sized businesses, helped owners position to sell their company, and encouraged a struggle owner or two to close up shop when it was the right thing to do.

You see, we aren't emotionally tied to your company. We don't have blinders from working in just a few industries or on just a few problems. Instead, we help small and mid-sized business owners get more profit out of their company.

Leverage the power of a Fortune 500 Chief Operating Officer, a transformational CEO and a gritty entrepreneur who is committed to your small business success like you are. 

Help me find those missing profits.

Often, your business is not as profitable as it could or should be. Whether your business has grown faster than it’s profits or your growth has hit a roadblock, our Operational Consultant Gene is an expert at profit improvement strategies that don't involve spending money! From negotiating employee and consultant contracts, to protecting Intellectual Property, to making Business Units autonomous, Gene is uniquely qualified to steer you clear of the marketing sharks, and into the bay of profitability. Gene performs a data analysis on your business to uncover it's hidden struggles in generating actual dollars, those pesky numbers we sometimes struggle to hit even when things appear to be going well.

Working as a consultant with clients like Target, American Express, Kraft foods, and P&G over the last 20 years has allowed Gene to bring you the lessons learned from the Fortune 500 (or even 50) to your startup or growing company struggling to achieve profitability.


In today’s environment, companies consistently invest in marketing hoping to improve their lead conversion rate a few points. But a hidden secret Gene can help you uncover is that your profit margin can be more easily improved affecting your bottom line by investing in operational optimization making your conversion rate from sales to profit improve easily.

Gene focuses on achieving results by improved efficiency through data analysis leading to process re-engineering and operational optimization. Most small companies focus the core of their spending on Marketing and Sales efforts, neglecting the parts of the company responsible for delivery and ultimately profitability.

Because the focus of Gene's strategy is on refining what you already have, you will not be asked to invest tens or hundreds of thousands on increasing your marketing. You will end up with a 'tighter ship' that is able to derive higher profits from your existing business.

Help me find those missing profits.

Grow the REAL Value of your Business!

The pinnacle for many business owners is the moment that the world validates their creation, their years of hard work, their business. Selling your business is important for more than just financial reasons. With experience helping companies grow and sell, and the owner's journey thereafter, we help prepare your for the next step, including positioning you financially to be able to have the freedom to make it a meaningful one.

Getting the most out of your company takes awareness, effort and a knowledge of a few key secrets to achieving maximum value. With research in over 40,000 companies, we can help you identify the top 8 factors in company value and implement a strategy to position your company to be inherently value-able. Whether your motive is long term profit, leaving a value-able heirloom to relatives or selling out your company to help expands it's legacy and impact, we help you build more real value.


Help me grow the value of MY business.