October 10, 2017

Sales Data Science

How Can we take the next step to grow our Sales?

We begin by getting to know you, and add value from the start. We break down your sales, people and metrics and find that missing strategy to propel your next phase of growth. Sometimes, when you don't OWN your market and dominate it's share, that means you need to grow your team. To do so, you need expertise and process. Other times, when you do own your market, you need to become wise and efficient with every dollar, in which case you need technology and process to drive profitability.

Often our initial assessment is transformative in and of itself.

  • Enhance your revenue growth through the power of an Expert Data Scientist.
  • We turn data into metrics and drive sales strategy, sales process optimization and building great and dynamic companies.
  • Based in Austin, TX and Hermosa Beach, CA. Traveling world-wide.
  • Experienced on all continents except Antarctica. (6/7)

We work with clients in one of three ways:

  • One-on-one company consulting engagement
    • Build enhanced messaging and scripts.
    • Establish automation through process.
    • Build a sales process map and continuous improvement process.
    • Hiring consulting and enhanced employee engagement.
    • Interim VP of Sales role for transitioning.
  • Content rich workshops for your management or sales teams.
  • Hiring Consulting (HR)/ On-boarding training

We want to Leverage the Power of an outside Consultant from Dolphin!

We realize that Economies of Scale dictate we make committed steps to get a higher level of Sales Management for a great return.