ESTmep Implementation - Brought to you by the original architect of the program

With massive potential to enable true lean manufacturing, ESTmep provides a feedback loop from concept to build...

If it works.

As co-founder of TSI, and the key person behind the development of ESTmep, Greg Davis designed and project managed the planning of an integrated solution not before seen in MEP contracting. Now, years later as a consultant and as founder of Dolphin, Greg brings his experience and skills to contractors to fill in significant gaps.

For all of the potential of the Autodesk acquisition of the Fabrication products from MAP software, progress always relied on partners to fill the implementation gap. I aim to fill that gap for contractors. - Greg Davis

One the surface, getting the database setup right is a big challenge. But even with that job done, there is one huge hole to fill to make ESTmep useful and powerful...


Get a preview today of the latest Excel reporting interface which closes the loop to make ESTmep thrive.


ESTmep Excel Recap Reporting Tool Functions include:

  • · Group items to find items missing price and labor, including Equipment, Fixtures, Misc and Other items.
  • · Tools to Implement Quote out items.
  • · Labor Analysis and Modification Tools.
  • · Subcontractor and Misc cost tools.
  • · Final Summary and Markup Tools.
  • · Customization available to match your process.