Incredible companies are led by a great vision. This workshop redefines your identity to propel you to lead your market and change your industry.

It's the first course we recommend taking. It's the heart and soul, it's the core beliefs that propel the rest of what we do together. I'm sure you've heard of the 'Meyers Briggs' personality test right? If not, google it real fast... Okay, got it? We've come up with a system of testing your company's personality.

The Davis-Larson Business Personality type helps you align your business intent with your market position. When we determine your ideal identity, we help you craft a unifying message to portray the ideal vision.

With an aligned personality, your business can move on to bigger things like...

  • Defining what your company believes in, and why your customers buy
  • Aligning your messaging and your brand to your beliefs
  • Implementing a consistent vision that drives more than just your brand, but your company's overall strategy
  • Communicating your vision to your employees when you haven’t built a manual.
  • Empowering your sales to project the vision when you don’t have a script.
  • Directing your team to greatness when you don’t have a speech written.
  • Engaging your employees to commit to your company not because it is a good place to work, but because they want to be loyal to a great tribe.