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We work with contractors who want to take a deeper look into how they can take the next step as a manufacturing-driven and continuous improvement based contractor.

Two things need to happen for you to continue to transform into real lean manufacturing.

  1. You need to measure.
  2. You need to respond to the Data.

Lean Manufacturing is often confused with the concept of "Just in Time," which was developed in the automotive industry, in which steps in the sequence last only a matter of seconds.

In MEP contracting fabrication, and field installation, incremental steps are often in many hours and minutes. We use data to uncover real solutions for Lean Manufacturing, which is based on measuring and commitment to continuous improvement.

Tracking Today - Tools Tomorrow

Begin tracking today to build for the future. Join in Early. Something great is coming.

Help us make ESTmep work

Can ESTmep improve our Estimating? Improve our process? Grow our Profits? When implemented with the right tools, yes. The Round Trip between estimating to CAD to actual costs can only be measured with a systematic approach to comparison of all three phases. And with measurement comes improvement. Learn How. And, by the way, there's one tool you need you won't find anywhere else on the marketplace.

RevitMEP - What's Missing?

Without knowing the hurdles you have to overcome, your implementation is in danger. Learn these 6 key areas you need to address before proceeding. Create a plan to resolve variances between itms and Revit Families. Create a plan to implement the right tools.


Lean Manufacturing is more than a buzz-word. It is a system of Continuous Improvement, not merely a just-in-time philosophy. Improvement starts with mapping and measuring. With experience in major MEP Contractors and fabricators, no company delivers more relevant MEP process information and skill than Dolphin.